International Pastry Instructor @PASTRY ACADEMY BY AMAURY GUICHON LLC

Magic temper has changed my understanding of chocolate.
Easy to use and helpful on so many levels bringing a higher quality texture to your product and speeding considerably the fabrication process of all chocolate based items.
I would not be surprised that Magic Temper would become a must-have in all kitchens in the years to come.

Louise Moille & Clément Guerin

Owner @ L’ecureuil du Léman in Haute-Savoie (France)

We are just starting our business and have not yet been able to purchase a coating/tempering machine
We save a lot of time with the MT, no need to tab or bother with seeding... and the quality of the crystallization is incredible! We are only using it for our blanket development at the moment but in the near future we know it will also be useful for our pralines and spreads!
The Alpha model is great because it is adapted to small businesses, the fact that the container is "small" allows us to renew the cocoa butter regularly; we really validate this device!

David Vidal

Pastry & Chocolate consultant in Sweden and around the world

Using the Magic Temper is great! I have been able to reduce so much of my labour time, thus giving me more time to do other things.
And the most important is that its always with a great finish! I have been using it for all types of chocolate work... tempering chocolate for bonbons or chocolate decorations, tempering praline, the colors for bonbons and even to help crystallize ganaches.
Also its extremely easy to use and keeps my workbenches clean !

Alberto Simionato

Head of the Barry Callebaut School in Milan

The Magic Temper enables me, during my demonstrations, a very fast execution! It contributes to a perfect crystallization and avoids migrations in my pralines. For the ganaches, it brings a great stability in the duration without losing its volume or texture. It is also extremely useful for decorations as well!

Francesco Boccia

World champion of pastry @ House Agrimontana

The Magic Temper has become an absolutely essential tool due to its reliability and its very high application potential. It has become an essential part of my work, both in the laboratory and in the advice I give to my customers.
It enables me to provide the best existing technology on the market applicable to the chocolate and pastry area.

Jonathan Mougel

Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolate Maker and Confectioner 2019

The Magic Temper brings me the uniformity in my work and in the manufacturing process.
I use it in chocolate production (crystallization of couverture chocolates) as well as in pastry and confectionery on the work of textures.
It has given me a great speed of execution for the setting up of my decorations during my presentations.
Finally, what I like about Statice Tempering is the human and very professional relationship.

Yvan Chevalier

Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolate Maker and Confectioner & Chocolate Chef @ House Guerlais

The Magic Temper has become a must-have for me in our laboratories.
I have been using it daily and for many years to temper couvertures (decorations, tablets, origins, coating, one-shot...), but also to accelerate the crystallization time of pralines and ganaches... and in many other manufacturing processes.
He follows me everywhere I go, be it in various competitions and today during demonstrations.
Simply trying it is adopting it!

Vincent Durant

Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolate Maker and Confectioner 2019

What I like about using Magic Temper is that I can switch from one preparation to another with great ease, in production but also during classes, the advantage is that it can be used on small as well as large quantities.
It allows a perfect and fast crystallization of the insides: pralines, ganaches and coatings both manually and mechanically.

Kriss Harvey

Pastry Chef, Los Angeles

Discovering the Magic Temper has changed my life. It gives me the ability to crystallize my framed or moulded ganaches in a matter of hours versus waiting for them to crystallize over days. This way I can cut, coat, close and unmould much faster than before I started using Magic Temper.
The other thing that I express to people is closing the moulds sooner and coating the bonbons faster because of Magic Temper makes it safer for food hygiene.

Xavier Brignon

Chocolate and pastry master craftsman

Since I have been using the Magic Temper for my tablets, ganaches and pralines, the time saved in production has been tremendous: we have doubled our weekly production! This has enabled us to launch new product lines with high added value.

With the Magic Scan, our coatings are optimized, of a high quality and regularity of brightness never reached before! Its compact size and its very intuitive interface allows its easy integration in our production laboratory.

Bertrand Balay

Pastry & Chocolate Chef @ Puratos Nantes (France)

Statice Tempering is in the process of permanently revolutionizing our chocolate-making practices.
I use the Magic Temper daily to develop couvertures, to glue masses of praline, to crystallize ganaches, ...
It brings me a lot of comfort and consistency in my work.
For my coating machine adjustments, I appreciate the use of the Magic Scan, which is extremely precise. It gives me all the indications on the quality of crystallization.


Pastry Chef @Cederleüfs & Svenheimers

I am extremely happy and grateful for having the opportunity to meet the "StaticeTempering" team (during a seminary). I would like to thank them for the help.
Statice Tempering devices made my work much easier, and not only my work, but the work of many other chocolatiers and pastry chefs. With Magic Temper it is extremely easy and fast to temper, saving more time for important things, such as experimenting something new.
Magic Temper is now the most reliable and important team member in my chocolate workshop. I am very grateful it exists.


Pastry Chef / President of the Doubs Pastry Chefs / Vice Président of the Chamber of Crafts

In a process of constant challenge, the Magic Temper helps us in our development and evolution!
Today I am working on the macaroon fillings, where the Magic Temper has given me more naturalness and a faster temperature restoration with an incomparable texture!
Chocolate Chef & Creative Director @ Cacao Barry


Chocolate Chef & Creative Director @ Cacao Barry

My Canadian friend Christophe Morel made me discover the Magic Temper two years ago.

I have the chance to work in the chocolate industry for many years, and when I started a year ago to use this machine, I was impressed. This is, for me, the machine to have: it works rapidly and efficiently, the process is easily reproducible and it is simple to use.

The concept is intelligent, as it is a nice and simple way to pre-crystallise chocolate and interiors without any risk of contamination, etc.

Once we understood the four basic notions of the machine, we use it for the tempering of all kind of chocolate, mixture of cocoa butter and colorant for the chocolate moulds, for the interiors based on praline or gianduja, for ganaches or spreads.

I am sure that in the next few years, this machine becomes vital in all chocolate labs.
Chocolate Chef @ Bontom Chocolaterie


Chocolate Chef @ Bontom Chocolaterie

I am very enthusiastic about the Magic Temper! I use it in my chocolaterie and also during Trophee Pascal Caffet where I participate! And sure I will promote. I am a member of the Dutch pastry team and I’ll try to make everybody as enthusiastic as I am!
Executive Pastry Chef / Pastry Consultant @ Tokyo & NYC


Executive Pastry Chef / Pastry Consultant @ Tokyo & NYC

I am demonstrating [...] among the world [...] at the moment I have shown the Magic Temper across China, Canada, USA, Serbia, France and soon Russia. I am happy to promote, explain and talk about devices that makes pastry chefs' life much easier, that improves textures.
Executive Pastry Chef / Pastry Consultant @ Dubaï


Executive Pastry Chef / Pastry Consultant @ Dubaï

Magic temper is a life saver.. well I should say time saver, being introduced over 2 years ago. I have been recommending to every pastry chef I know and every new consulting project I am working on. The simple process is so efficient and even can be used in other pastry applications. Every pastry kitchen needs one!


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